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We are a small group of enthusiasts dedicated to IT & Supply Chain activities.
With many years of experience, in multiple scale of projects we can go the extra mile to make your goals achievable.
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Sustainable Procurement
Where ideas never end.

Sustainability in supply chains is our responsibility and aim.
We try our best, based no our experience to identify and manage the environmental, economic and social impacts within the supply chain itlself.
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Telephony Services

Integrated VoIP solutions.
CC agent Trainings, CRM+CISCO implementations.
Install and Configuration of CRM and Vicidial in Physical Server or Workstations with VmWare,
You have the plan, we do realize it.
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in sustainable procurement or inventory managment.
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(materials & vendors) have been cleansed up to now.
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have been accomplished so far, and others are on the way.
In Procurement, Inventory Managment or IT consultancy.

IT Consultancy

Whether you are having a start-up business, in telephony, a call center, or want to have a presence online, you can always use our experts to solve your challenges with VOIP, CRM or CISCO CCN. We can offer also soft skill trainings to your organisation or process optimalisation. With actual sutiation of Covid, we cannot offer classroom trainings, until the situations allows to do so. Of course Online classes are possible, get in touch if you need more.

Assured Data Quality

Whether you are creating a new set of materials (trausers versus pants) or vendors (Sony versus Sony Corp), important in keeping your inventary under control, is the consistency of your Data (one or more) warehouses. Cooperation and end user behaviour on managing the data, can save a lot of space, time and money. Our experience shows that not always it is given such importance to Data Governance. Especially when end user creates shortcuts, that are not always seen or valuated.

Sustainable Procurement

Procurement as a such is a very important part of the supply chain, nevertheless to combine it and protection of the planet, it is not an easy task. Many times you have to select the vendors or the partners not only for the service or product they offer, but also how they did achieve it. How sustainable they were during their manufacturing process and helped to protect the planet.


Our Procurement solutions

Every day, we need to plant a tree to ensure that our future generations will enjoy a clean, bio-safe environment.

Recycling Data

Recycling Data

Enchancing your inventory managment process, so that you keep what you need, to the ammount and cost that makes your manufacturing process still attractive. We do offer also Inventory counts expertise.
Eco System

Eco System

Few of our tools have automated the process, by reduciing the manpower cost, keeping the system work but efficently, entering the digital era with we say automated processes, but with a slight "touch", of human supervision.

"Bio Fuel"

Setting up your IT process, so that verything works smooth. Best practise from more than 15 years in IT industry, in improving your business continuity plan or support on enchancing your actual process.


Sustainable Procurement integrates requirements, specifications and criteria that are compatible with the protection of the environment and the society. Making agreements while being responsible as a global citizien.

energy solutions

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100% renewable efforts

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Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers. We are available on your next big thing.

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make an impact in our planet

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers.


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We are available on your next big thing.


We are available on your next big thing.
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We are available to chat the way forward on your next big project

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