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IT Consultant

Whether you are having a start-up business, in telephony, a call center, or want to have a presence online, you can always use our experts to solve your challenges with VOIP, CRM or CISCO CCN. We can offer also soft skill training to your organisation or process optimization. With actual situation of Covid, we cannot offer classroom training, until the situations allows to do so. Of course Online classes are possible, get in touch if you need more.

SAP support & Data Migration

Specialized in SAP Consultancy mostly within Supply chain areas (MM,SD,PP) and also in Data migration activities, SAP BODS, legacy extraction, Data cleansing, enrichment etc. Experienced in OIL & GAS industry, pharma.etc.

Quality Assurance

Whether you are creating a new set of materials (trousers versus pants) or vendors (Sony versus Sony Corp), important in keeping your inventory under control, is the consistency of your Data (one or more) warehouses. Cooperation and end user behavior on managing the data, can save a lot of space, time and money. Our experience shows that not always it is given such importance to Data Governance. Especially when end user creates shortcuts, that are not always seen or valuated.

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Human beings are unique, everyone has a different way of perception, emotionally or intelectually of a challenge. In such agile environment that we are facing today, it's inevitable you'll run up against ideas that contradict one another. We help you make a plan to deal with it, and not ignoring the emotional aspects of it. Our mediation experts can help you out to solve those issued before theu turn out into crisis.

Sustainable Procurement

Procurement as a such is a very important part of the supply chain, nevertheless to combine it and protection of the planet, it is not an easy task. Many times you have to select the vendors or the partners not only for the service or product they offer, but also how they did achieve it. How sustainable they were during their manufacturing process and helped to protect the planet.

Inventory Managment

Optimizing the inventory is always a key factor to keep your costs under control. As well as categorizing your products and prioritizing the deliveries, not to have any stock out incidents, that makes this area really challenging, but also interesting. If you still think that your inventory process need a "face lifting", then do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We stand behind our principles and passion. We love what we do, and we do what we love. We understand the importance of putting clients on the right path.

We are a group of expert consultants serving clients all over the world, but mostly focused within the EMEA region. We provide our clients with useful information and advice they need to make sound decisions to meet their project goals. Whether it’s managing client’s procurement portfolio or creating a comprehensive plan for their Data cleansing strategy.
That’s why, over the years, we’ve been able to build a reputation as efficient and experienced consultants. We understand the importance of putting clients on the right path for their success and we stand ready to work with them in all areas of our expertise.

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